Rahul BoseMumbai... The city of dreams that invites people from all walks of life to make a living. It's cosmopolitan and 'bindaas attitude distinguishes it from the other metropolis. The city has lots to offers right from being the financial capital to housing billions, the Indian film industry (Bollywood) that churns out mind-boggling potboilers every year to the beautiful and compassionate people residing here. According to reports in a survey conducted recently, it is one of the rudest cities in the world. So let's see what a few celebs have to say about it...

'I believe warmth and helpfulness is far more important than being polite or rude. I guess Mumbai is much warmer and helpful than a so called polite city like New York' opines Rahul Bose.

Download Gangster - A Love Story WallpapersHowever Kangana Ranaut of GANGSTER fame feels that people in Mumbai are not curt but their way of talking is very different. 'It doesn't take much to be polite though no one has been rude to me personally. I hail from Himachal and people out there are overly courteous and affable. A small gesture like a word of thanks to the waiter or helping old people can make so much of a difference I feel. People in other countries are much more polite and friendly', exclaims Kangana.

Download Koena Mitra WallpapersBengali bombshell Koena Mitra feels that Mumbai is like a home to outsiders and doesn't mistreat people. 'So many models, actors and singers in Mumbai come from different parts of the world to establish themselves. It's been 4 years since I'm staying here and I'm glad that people have accepted me', says an elated Koena.

Sushma Reddy is of the same opinion as well. Says Sushma, 'People here are so warm and friendly. I don't think any part of Mumbai is rude. Infact people in some parts of France, Hong Kong and Mainland China are rude I feel. People are cunning and smart but I definitely wont call them rude'

Download Minesha Lamba WallpapersMinissha Lamba too is also all praises for 'aamchi Mumbai. 'I think Mumbai is beautiful and electrifying. I have met some of the most helpful and courteous people out here whether it's a cab driver, the auto rickshaw guy or other people residing here', gushes the YAHAAN girl.

Rude or polite, Mumbai's resilience and 'never say die attitude' keeps it going.