Bollywood walks the path of peace with Pakistan

 A slew of Bollywood actors, filmmakers and musicians are heading for Goa to ring in the New Year. But there are exceptions like Rahul Bose who prefers to spend his time in tsunami-affected areas.

Here's what they told IANS about their New Year celebration plans:

Send Silsiilay Ecards Rahul Bose: "It's been a year since the tsunami. I'm in Andaman Nicobar for Christmas and the New Year to relive the trauma, to understand that such situations aren't a one-off thing. They can happen any time again. We need to be more prepared.

"I want to see how much progress has been made with the relief operations. For me, that's the most comforting way of celebrating the year-end. I don't know why everyone heads for Goa on New Year eve. It just gets so crowded. I'm not a crowd person. I'm not even a party person. I like solitude even on new year eve."

VIew FIGHT CLUB Press Meet Picture GallerySohail Khan: " every year. My bachcha and me love the sun and surfing. Basically he's gone on his father. We're both beach bums."

Deepti Naval: "I'll be in Madh Island...Bringing in the new year in my new home, spending time with my mom who's coming from New York. Friends are welcome to drop in. We'll hang out on Ketan and Deepa Mehta's terrace in the same building till we ring in the New Year."

Ekta Kapoor: "I'll be in Goa with friends, but only for two days. I don't have time for a longer break. If I did I might've thought of some other place."

Download Koi Aap Sa WallpapersAftab Shivdasani: "I don't know if I'll be going anywhere for the New Year. I've not fully recovered from my accident. I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy. I might just spend the year-end in Mumbai."

Mahesh Bhatt: "I won't be going anywhere. I'll be in Mumbai working. For me Jan 1, 2006, will just be another day."

Vipul Shah: "My wife and I will be in Mumbai only. We'll be partying only till about 1 p.m. on New Year's Eve. We want to welcome 2006 in our home. I'll get up early, do a small puja, work till late afternoon. Then in the evening we'll host a party at home for family and friends."

View Sammir Dattani Picture GallerySammir Dattani: "Usually I spend the new year with my family and friends. But this time I'm shooting for Mani Shankar's film in Hyderabad. And I'm not complaining! To be finally so busy that I don't even get a holiday at year-end is a blessing. I'll probably celebrate with Mani and my co-stars Om Puri and Sushant Singh."

Sameera Reddy: "I'm flying off to Greece for two days. I'm spending New Year with my sister Meghana who lives there. It's hectic. But I had promised her that I'd be there. And I like to keep my promises."

Download Priyanka Chopra WallpapersPriyanka Chopra: "I'll be out of the country with some close friends. I've been working hard, and I need a break."

Smriti Irani: "I'll be at home with my family. That's where I always am on new year's eve."

Victor Bannerjee: "I'm basically a man of nature. I'll be in Kasauli worshipping the Himalayas. Isn't that where we are all ultimately bound?"

View Fardeen Khan - Natasha Wedding Picture GalleryUrmila Matondkar: "Goa...where else???? Isn't that where all of us are supposed to head? I've had a pretty hectic schedule lately, and I really need this break. I'm really looking forward to my year-end holiday."

Shabana Azmi: "Happily, in my own saga home. I've been shooting for J.P. Dutta's 'Umrao Jaan' in Jaipur...Have been away from Mumbai for too long...I'll be happy to get back home to spend new year's eve."

Javed AkhatarJadu (husband Javed Akhtar): isn't a party animal either. But my brother Baba Azmi and bhabhi Tanvi will be going to attend Aamir Khan's wedding. I don't know Farhan and Zoya Akhtar's plans. So I suppose it'll be just my mother, Jadu and me at home. And yes, close friends will surely drop in."

Subhash Ghai: "I go to visit Sai Baba in Shirdi every year on Dec 31, and that shall remain unchanged. I want to offer prayers so I can be a better human being and a better filmmaker. I also pray for my well-wishers."

Adnan Sami: "I'll be in Bangkok for the new year celebrating with family and friends. And yes, my lady love will also accompany me."

Anupam Kher: "My new year will be quiet as always. For me the New Year is as special as any other day. I never take the time given to me by God for granted. By saying this I'm not trying to be different. But that's how I feel."

Send Parineeta Ecards Vidya Balan: "I'm a complete home bird. Will be at home with my parents for the new year. That according to me is the best way to celebrate."

Madhur Bhandarkar: "Me and my wife will be visiting Tirupati-Balaji for the new year. I haven't found the time to visit one of my favourite holy spots for five years. It's been a satisfying year for me and I want to thank god for it. So I'm taking a few days off from my shooting of 'Corporate' to do so."

k.K.MenonK.K. Menon: "My wife and I like to take an impromptu decision on what to do for the new year. We'll probably be celebrating in Mumbai only. But that's something we'll decide only when the time comes."

Konkona Sen: "I'll be at Naseeruddin Shah's farmhouse. The film in which he directs me is complete. And we'll have a wrap-up party. Really looking forward to it."

Karan Johar: "Goa, of course! Where else? It's almost tradition. Isn't that where everyone heads? I'm tempted to say I'm going elsewhere this New Year. But that would be just fooling myself. No matter how hard I try to change my plans, it's always Goa for me. I badly need a break after the long and gruelling spell of 'Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna'. This is my chance."