Bollywood's SHAHENSHAH says his famous dialogue to the Queen

Bollywood's SHAHENSHAH says his famous dialogue to the Queen news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 23 Feb 2017 14:01:17.1300000 IST

India’s icon for the icons – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has just said his latest favourite dialogue to the Queen of England. Find out which one.


Well, it seems that the megastar Mr. Bachchan also hailed as the SHAHENSHAH (Emperor) of Bollywood has taken the line ‘No Means No’ from his recent critically and publically hailed PINK too seriously.

A moment to pose with the Queen of Britain is an occasion that nobody especially from the film fraternity will like to miss considering the following Bollywood celebrities have in U.K.

But it’s Mr. Bachchan so an example is bound to be set. India’s most recognized voice – Amitabh Bachchan (interestingly title given by U.K. popular media house – BBC) in his deep baritone has said ‘No’ to an invitation by Queen Elizabeth II at her Buckingham Palace in London to grace an event.

As per reports, Queen will be hosting the UK-India Year of Culture launch at Buckingham Palace in the presence of high profile guests from both the countries. Big B was extended a special invitation for this by the Queen, and Prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh. However, Mr. Bachchan will be giving the event a miss and setting an example of thorough professionalism.

The reason behind the absence as explained by Mr. Bachchan’s spokesperson is the megastar’s prior commitments. The spokesperson has been quoted saying, “Yes Mr. Bachchan has been extended a rare invitation by Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace to grace the UK-India Cultural Year reception. Unfortunately, however, he will be unable to attend due to prior commitments.”

The icon for the icons Mr. Bachchan diary is full with Ram Gopal Varma’s SARKAR 3, Vijay Krishna Acharya’s THUGS OF HINDOOSTAN, Gaurang Doshi’s AANKHEN 2, Ayan Mukherji’s DRAGON and an untitled Kabir Khan’s production.

Looking at the stature Mr. Bachchan in India and Queen Elizabeth II In England, a minor reschedule could have been easily done but setting a new benchmark in professionalism – the icon for the icons Mr. Bachchan said No, means no, a commitment is a commitment.  

Truly Mr. Bachchan is an ending source of inspiration.