Brain behind Amul ads ready with Bollywood comedy

Bharat Dabholkar, the man behind the famous Amul Butter ads in India, is ready to unleash his first Bollywood film "God Only Knows".

He has won the excellence in advertising award for 14 years in a row, bagged global honours for creative excellence and is the writer-director of English plays like "Bottoms Up", "Oh! Not Again" and "Monkey Business" in addition to 19 other super-hit musical comedies.

Now Dabholkar, the managing director of Why Not?, has returned with "God Only Knows" in Hinglish and says his film will mock everyone, including himself!

"It is adapted from my longest running English musical 'Bottoms Up', which was again adapted from the hit play 'Last Tango In Heaven'," Dabholkar told IANS.

"The film has a freaked out story of how gods realise that human beings are now afraid of bigger powers than gods -- bhai (mobboss), income tax...! It is a modern-mythological kind of costume drama with a spoof on everything in life, from politician, government bodies, Bollywood, doctors to advertising agencies.

He adds that before making a mockery of everyone, the film opens by making fun of him, saying: "Yeh sabse bakwas film hai" (This is the worst film ever).

He is sure the movie will be appreciated in metros, towns and cities. It will be released in multiplexes and one main theatre on January 16.

The story is about Hindu god Indra, desiring to see a man from the 20th century. Sage Narad uses his trouble-making ploys and brings a minister to heaven. What Indra gets in the process is much more than he bargained for!

Model Ananya Dutt, who is the co-producer of this film, stars in it herself.

"I have two profound dance numbers. One at the beginning of the film and the other towards the end. The first one has three different styles not only in costume but also in choreography. It is a blend of Indian and aerobics.

"The other one is rudra raas that is the final (dance of) destruction of the world. This song has 80 percent special effects," she says.

A unique press meet was held for the film, with the cast in their heavenly costumes. When it comes to an ad man like Dabholkar, one can expect innovative ideas.

"We have added karaoke to every song so that people can read the lyrics of the songs and add to a good musical experience," says Dabholkar.

The cast of his film is an interesting mix.

Anjan Srivastava, the famous Wagle of television serial "Wagle Ki Duniya", plays the role of the minister. Dilip Prabhavalkar, an award-winning actor from Marathi cinema and stage, plays the role of Indra.

Vijoo Khote of "Sholay" plays Yamraaj. Vihang Nayak, Sharbani Mukherjee and Kishor Pradhan also star in the film.