"Brande is better then Pamela Anderson" Vashu Bhagnani

Glamsham.com was recently invited by Vashu Bhagnani to interact with the star cast of his movie Out of Control. We quizzed Bhagnani on his choice for the lead actress and this is what he had to say... "I wanted a Holywood actress for this particular role and I thought of taking any one from Baywatch serial. I even had a talk with Pamela Anderson but I didn't find her suitable for this character. But when I met Brande, I was sure that she is the apt choice. It could have been any other girl. My basic criterion was that apart from a well-known name she has to be a performer too. There are some sequences where I really needed an actress and not just a model. It took me more than three months to sign Brande. I also came across a couple of girls who were very good looking but could not act. And then there were some who could really act well but were not good looking at all. But a good thing over there is that we would send the script to prospective actresses and they came to meet us only if they were interested. There is no waste of time. My shooting was in May and it was almost the end of April when I went and met Pamela Anderson’s manager, who immediately said yes to the project. But just when Pamela’s letter was dispatched, Brande’s confirmation came in. And that was it. But let me tell you that Brande first watched all my movies on DVD, once she was assured that I was a sound producer then only she agreed to do this film. The funny part of this girl is that she used to think that she would have to actually sing all the songs when we were filming the song sequences. Her logic was that is she lip-synched those songs without singing herself - she would raise a copyright problem! She was speaking in Hindi during the shooting mostly she used to say the dialogues of Bade Miyan and Biwi No.1 during the shooting of the film. But overall she is a lovely girl and people in India will most certainly love her character when they watch this film. I also plan to get Brande to India and that will happen before the release of my movie."