Britney Spears shares fastfood woes

Britney Spears (Pic. Courtesy: IANS)

Singer Britney Spears says steak makes her sick. But she is allowed a small hamburger once in a while.

"Sometimes I'm just like, 'I want a hamburger!' But when I'm in work mode, I want (to eat) very clean. I want clean chicken and veggies, that's it. My stomach is so sensitive, if I have a steak, I will be sick for three days. The burger is fine, but I have the small burgers from McDonald's. The happy meal!" Spears told

Spears will kick off the North American and European leg of her "Piece of Me" tour next week. It's important that she is in good shape for her performances, Spears doesn't have time to workout when she is on the road, reports

She said: "This round of shows that we are doing on tour, they are back to back, so each show is like... I don't have time apart, besides flying. My show is a workout in itself. It really keeps you strong."

Spears is really looking forward to having her sons Sean Preston, 12, and Jayden James, 11, whom she has with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, on tour with her.

"They will come with me. They enjoy it. My kids, they have been putting new remixes into my show and stuff... there is one of the new songs on the radio, and (my son is) like, 'Mom, that is so cool!' So I'm putting all these different new songs in my show, so they are coming along," she added.