Ekta Kapoor weaves magic and madness with Broken but Beautiful

Ekta Kapoor's Alt Balaji's has always been churning out amazing content on thier digital platform. With thier latest offering Broken But Beautiful which is helmed by Sarita Tanwar and has a huge support by Ekta Kapoor, the stellar star cast has Vikrant Massey, Harleen Sethi, Jitin Gulati and Simran Kaur Mundi.
Ever since the trailer came out there was a sense of curosity as to what the show has to offer, this is the only web show which has two soulful songs Laute Nahi and Yeh Kya Hua which you will humm throughout the day.
Ever since I saw the trailer I was keen to watch the show and binged watched all the 11 espiodes back to back and it was indeed a happy feeling to watch it.
We all have been in relationship and we have went through heart breaks, done things out of our comfort zone, stalked our partner's profile, stalked his/ her ex and current's profile. and many more.
This story Broken but beautiful is truly finding the lost you, the broken you and shattered you and how two shattered people who have lost faith in love, life, destiny, oneself, find a broken heart and become friends how they gradually feel happy and get out of their past baggage. Vikrat and Harleen are out there to spill some trust, love, longingness and say why its beautiful to be broken.
The shows starts with Veer (Vikrant Massey) and Samera's (Harleen Sethi) past relationship failing, Veer who suffers from a disorder wherein his anger and stress make him lrage with anger and his volatile nature is another level, he hallucinates his deceased wife and talks to her.Veer has lost his belief in love and emotions. One night stands are the only brief human connections in his life and he ignores all his friends and relatives. He is unable to move on from the reality that his wife passed away three years ago.
While Samera is like one of those girls who, everyone would relate too as she is truly, madly, deeply in love with her ex Kabir who doesn't love her anymore and has dumped her for some other gilr, while she still craves for his attention, stalks his profile and his current girl's fb profile, she drunk dials his number, wants to meet him, has anxiety issues, she is also called as psycho ex by her boy friend. Having all these qualities of a poessive girlfriend Harleen aka Samea aces it like a pro with the help of her two besties who help her get out of him. Harleen who is new to web series has done a fab job and you want to see more of her.
As the time passes Veer and Samera meet each other and start to understand each other and relate to one another as how broken they are in terms of many things, the relatibility and connect what gets them closure. Veer is allergic to dogs while Sameera is a vet, (dogs for animals) while the name of her dog is Karma and she is a bitch (pun intended). Vikrant is intense his dialouges and expressions are mind-blowing.
As the story moves forward you understand how they connect with each other and bond. Veer and Samera are relatable in every aspect and you will connect to them.
The 11 episode series has some amazing dialogues by protagnist Sameera that wil moist your eyes, The chemistry between Veer and Samera is something you would want to explore in your real life, we all long for a partner when we are broken but many a times we dont get it, its cute to see Veer and Samera moving out.
In the era of rebound, flings both Samera and Veer try to be happy, and alive, share thier fears , share thier insecurities and become friends.
However, the last epsiode ended with a new beginning for both Sameera and Veer and we are waiting for season 2.
Talking about the protagonist Harleen Sethi as samera has acted so well, she has potrayed all the emotions quite well be it jealously, stalking or being called as the psycho ex she knows it all. Harleen's role will make you cry, laugh, you will smile when she smiles, there is sense of happiness you feel that when you see her smile.
Vikrant Massey will is a powerhouse of talent, he is extermely passionate, his intense scenes will make you wonder and you wish he heals.
The supporting cast has done a fine job and you will smile, laugh, cry, blush, feel every bit of emotion when you see the show.
Beautifully crafted, very well written. This show is a must watch for every broken soul, as every thing that breaks is mended well and gives us hope that we can heal with them.
There is one for everyone, every millenial who is broken, lost, shattered dont loose hope, time heals soul. Broken but beautiful is the apt title and you got to watch it right away!
10 on 10 for song, screenplay, the last epsiode which had a breath taking scenary and some breath taking moments between the two. We simply can't wait for season 2.
Do watch all the episodes on Alt Balaji, Here's why Ekta Kapoor never fails to charm us with our content.