Bryan Cranston on playing a mutt in Wes Anderson’s ISLE OF DOGS


Bryan Cranston who is known for his record-breaking show ‘Breaking Bad’ that has been loved worldwide is now part of the stellar voice cast of Wes Anderson’s stop-motion animation film ISLE OF DOGS. He voices the character of the alpha dog, Chief.

Elaborating on the character he voices, Bryan states that Chief is a homeless stray dog who has no idea of what is his ultimate purpose. However, through the course of the film, Chief explores and understands what he was born to do and realizes his destiny.

Bryan Cranston says, “Enacting the role of a dog is no different than a human being. It is the frame of mind where you allow yourself to feel those traits and those idiosyncrasies of that character. We have always transferred our own human experiences and personalities onto our pets. So this was no different. A dog is capable of love, anger, fear and all those things that humans can feel. So it’s just bringing those human traits to the surface.”

Bryan Cranston further adds, “Working with the director of the caliber of Wes Anderson was absolutely incredible. He knows specifically what he wants but sometimes it’s elusive. And he’s very vulnerable in some cases. He will readily admit that he is not quite sure about a certain beat, or a moment. And, and that is a wonderful trait in a human being because he’s offering up his own uncertainty at any given point to which actors embrace that kind of vulnerability. And the only reason that actors come back to work with him is that of that nature. He’s not dictatorial. But he’s not a doormat either. He knows where he wants to go but sometimes the route has secured us and you don’t actually know which door to open to get to it. And so you use that collaborative sensibility to be able to help each other get to his vision.”

Directed by Wes Anderson, ISLE OF DOGS will be released in theatres across India on July 6th, 2018 by Fox Star Studios through Specialty Distribution Company Runaway-Luminosity Distribution.