Camila's records make Elton John smile


Vetrean singer Elton John says he likes American-Cuban singer-songwriter Camila Cabello's music and that has made the singer super ecstatic.

He said so in an episode of "Beats 1", reports

John said: "I just think she is going to have an amazing year, cause she is... Just so much fun. She has got a great voice and she has a great attitude."

If he were to meet Cabello, John said he would tell her: "You make me happy... your records make me smile. There's a vibrancy in her... It makes me feel good, makes me want to get up and dance."

"Super ecstatic" to hear this from the musician, Cabello, who has recently released the track "Havana", tweeted: "Wait wait wait wait. Oh my god Elton John knows my name?"