Can you believe it? Alia Bhatt was not comfortable in the SHAANDAAR bikini shot!

Can you believe it? Alia Bhatt was not comfortable in the SHAANDAAR bikini shot! news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 11 Sep 2015 12:52:00.4500000 IST
All those who have seen the SHAANDAAR trailer, you would be having some or other opinion on Alia Bhatt’s bikini body shot. But what was it like for Alia Bhatt to wear the bikini? Well, the actress candidly talked about it at SHAANDAAR music launch event.


When we told Alia Bhatt that she wore bikini for the first time, she said, “While I donned a bikini in real life, for the movie I am surely wearing it for the first time.”

Ask her how comfortable she was in the shot and Alia said, “At that moment, it wasn’t very comfortable because it was very cold, but I’m really happy with the way the shot has come out.”

Shahid Kapoor interrupted and said, “Alia was not comfortable when this bikini shot was happening.”

Vikas Bahl also added, “It was minus 2 degrees when we shot the bikini scene.”

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Shahid Kapoor then said, “The beach at which we shot was minus 2 degrees and everybody was only freezing. I was wearing a ganji (vest), pants and I was bare feet. I was dying, so I can only imagine what happened (to Alia). In fact, we have some footage in the making of this film, with Alia trying to give the bikini shot. When she (Alia Bhatt) was taking a mid-shot, she put her dungarees down. It was very cold there.”

Vikas Bahl in fact confirmed that we will get to see the interesting behind-the-scenes shot and said, “It’s going to come out in the making.”

To this, Alia Bhatt replied, “Will it? So then you’ll see also. For me, once the camera comes on, then anything can happen. That was nothing – there’s this sequence in the film where Shahid and me were swimming in the film in minus 5 degrees. And we were very cold.”

Well Alia Bhatt, even if you were uncomfortable in the bikini shot, we didn’t notice anything of that sort. And that might be an indicator of you being a really good actor. Guess we’ll just have to wait for your ‘Shaandaar’ movie to know more.