Cara Delevingne blows up with her latest bold post

Famous model and actress Cara Delivingne known for her amazing roles in SUICIDE SQUAD and THE VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF THOUSAND PLANETS has added one more feather to her cap. The actress on her social media shared a throwback pic of 2017 and took advantage of her then-new hairdo. She stripped to her birthday suit and snarled THE LORD OF THE RING character’s most iconic line, “My precious.” If Frodo Baggins was there, he would’ve surely handed over the ring to Cara! The actress appears pretty weird and shocks up with an unconventional look in the video.


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Apart from the video, the actress grabbed eyeballs with the caption that stated she is now in a relationship. It’s unclear if this is confirmation that she is now taken since she “was” single. Yes, her and Ashley Benson, 28, have been photographed kissing in public at London’s Heathrow Airport on August 14. But there's no such clarification yet. Meanwhile, the Ashley Benson seemed to confirm her and Cara’s romance with a flirty Instagram comment on Sept. 10. Under a sexy portrait of Cara, Ashley commented “Mine”!

“Cara and Ashley are closer and more in love now than they’ve ever been,” a source close to Ashley EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Although they’re still a bit in the honeymoon phase, they have reached a deeper level of comfort with each other and are more than lovers. They really are best friends.” They were most recently seen touting matching gold rings on their wedding fingers during a night out in London, according to Daily Mail.