Carnival Cinemas and ZebraIoT’s ‘energetic’ tie up

Carnival Cinemas (File Picture)

Carnival Cinemas ties with ZebraIoT for managing energy, predicting equipment failure or detecting other issues.

India’s fastest growing and one of the leading national multiplex chain Carnival Cinemas has joined hands with ZebraIoT, an Internet of things (IoT)-based energy & services management company to monitor, measure and control their energy consumption at their geographically spread out sites in the select Carnival Cinemas theatres.

The platform provides predictive equipment maintenance facility for managing energy, predicting equipment failure or detecting other issues. It also has the provision to adjust comfort temperature based on occupancy schedule integrated ticket booking systems.

Mr Mohan Umrotkar, CEO, Carnival Cinemas, said, “ZiOT platform will significantly achieve up to 30 % reductions in our energy bills, by considering the site occupancy & environment conditions, and by enabling rule engines which control and regulate HVAC parameters automatically. Its analytic models allow regulating complex control settings which are otherwise not possible with manual control. With the rise of cloud computing and big data I’m very excited to introduce this in cinema exhibition which will make smart theatres, a yet another way to take advantage of an intelligent platform and drive more collaboration and creativity.”

Mr Rakesh Nayak, Director, ZebraIoT Controls Private Limited said, “Carnivals Cinemas is always committed towards the environment to implement innovative sustainable practices to track and measure improvements in carbon footprint, reduce waste, conserve natural resources, reduce usage of energy using technology driven intelligent control systems, to ensure the optimal environment impact at all times.”