Celebrating 25 years of LOOTERE & Dharmesh Darshan’s Silver Jubilee!

S Abid By S Abid | 09 Apr 2018 12:17:31 IST

It was way back in year 1993, when a film by the name of LOOTERE, hit the marquee, featuring the then action super star Sunny Deol and top heroine Juhi Chawla as well as the master actor Naseeruddin Shah. A very potent mixture indeed. The obvious result- Yes, you guessed it right! The action musical thriller was not only was a hit at the turnstile but celebrated a silver jubilee as well. It was written and directed by a talented, dynamic, very young, good looking and at that point of time inexperienced, Dharmesh Darshan! He later on followed it up with super hit films like RAJA HINDUSTANI, DHADKAN whereby giving romantic heartthrob Aamir Khan and macho action star, Akshay Kumar a role quite contrary to their stereotype image.

Dharmesh Darshan, son of noted producer-director and distributor of such iconic films like YEH RAAT PHIR NA AAYEGI, USTAAD, KAHIN DIN KAHIN RAAT etc, Darshan Sabharwal. In fact Dharmesh uses his father’s name as his surname. Darshan Sabhrwal was a highly respected figure in the film fraternity, and his production house, Shree Krishna Films, a renowned name during the 60’s. However after that the family production house faded into oblivion. It was after a gap of almost 25 years, and co-incidentally a 25 year old (young to precise), Dharmesh then made it into a viable one (Shree Krishna Productions) with the release of LOOTERE, a film which not only made Dharmesh a director to reckon with, but also changed the face of modern cinema. The versatile director not only wrote and directed LOOTERE but also composed and penned lyrics for the superhit , ‘Main Teri Rani Tu Raja Mera’, a song still fresh in the minds of music lovers. No wonder, the man of the moment was the cynosure of all eyes.

Its 25 years since the release of LOOTERE, and it is but natural that the extremely humble, soft spoken and highly cultured director Dharmesh wants to celebrate it with not only his fans and the entire film industry but also with Hindi cinema lovers across the globe.

When we caught up with the erudite, soft spoken and selective man at the helm-of-affairs, Dharmesh Darshan, he told us, “ I sincerely wish to thank each and every one of the millions of viewers of my history making films and their much loved music, for giving them such cult status in popular cinema over a period of 25yrs! What makes me immensely proud is not just the unbelievable success of the films but the tremendous validation of the immense input, hard work and sacrifices a creative artist has to make in the cut throat competitive world of Bollywood or Show business .”

Dharmesh concluded by saying, “Apart that I could do it on my own terms which very few can manage to in the market and the system, I feel also proud and emotionally gratified when I look back , that at such an early age, God helped me achieve my responsibility of setting up my late father's company as a viable production banner, flagging off the prestige, branding & priceless accruing benefits, for generations to come."

On behalf of team Glamsham, we want to congratulate this amazing filmmaker for his memorable films and we take great pride in celebrating his 25 years in the film industry and also 25 years of LOOTERE on Bollywood’s favourite portal.