Celina stranded at the Colombo Airport!

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 06 Jul 2011 12:31:33.4970000 IST

Blue-eyed beauty Celina Jaitley had a very troublesome experience while traveling. Celina was on her way home from a trip to Maldives when she had to stop over at Colombo for a connecting flight en route Mumbai. Her flight duration from Maldives to Colombo took less than the estimated time and, as luck would have it, her flight to Mumbai was delayed by 11 long hours!

Due to tight laws of Before Time Reporting she was not allowed to kill time at the airport and without a visa she couldn't explore Sri Lanka either. Out of no choice the sexy siren had to spend an unreasonable 11 hours in a small rented room at the airport with no windows.

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download CELINA JAITLEY wallpapers

Accompanying her was her staff that had to squeeze themselves in the den and they were not even allowed to leave the room, which was guarded by the airport security, till their reporting time.

After the harrowing journey Celina was so thankful and happy to just be back to Mumbai. Well there's nothing like home sweet home, is there!