Nikita Wagh By Nikita Wagh | 09 Jan 2012 19:21:09.6100000 IST

It's been over ten years since Atul Kulkarni has been in the film industry. The actor, who is known for grave and intense roles, is all set to portray a hatke character in Hriday Shetty's CHAALIS CHAURAASI which is releasing on January 13, 2012.

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download CHAALIS CHAURAASI wallpapers

'I have never played the same kind of roles in my career. I always experimented with different sorts of roles and characters, be it HEY RAM, CHANDNI BAR, RANG DE BASANTI or KHAKEE. But yes, what I am playing in 4084 is absolutely opposite to what I have portrayed in my previous films,' says Atul.

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'My character's name in 4084 is Bhaskar Sirdesai aka Bobby. Bobby is generally a very 'darpok guy. He lands in Mumbai to become a singer though he does not posses enough talent to make it big in the city. He's the youngest among the 4084 guys - Kay Kay Menon, Naseeruddin Shah and Ravi Kissen. All the four characters find some or the other problem in their respective lives and then 'Sir' (Naseer) plans a mission. We all get dragged into the mission and try to accomplish it in our 'MH 02 CA 4084' police van. But unfortunately nothing happens according to what we plan. And then, the story unfolds,' adds Atul.

Ask him the rapport working with such brilliant actors and he says, 'Naseer bhai and I knew each other for the past 15 years. He was my teacher in National School of Drama when I was studying in Delhi. I was really looking forward to work with him. Kay Kay is again a wonderful actor to work with. And Ravi...he is full of life and very honest.'

Atul continues, 'This movie was a unique opportunity for all of us to work together and simultaneously learn new things. We had a lot of discussions or I must say quality discussions about various things. So, that helped me a lot as an actor. This doesn't happen very often, to be honest. I remember such kind of energy and atmosphere was created on the sets of RANG DE BASANTI. Again, this is because of the fantastic team including Aamir Khan and a director like Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra. And this time I'll give the credit to Hriday who made things happen. Without him, it would have been difficult for us to exhibit the brotherhood among us onscreen.'

Atul is all geared up for the release of CHAALIS CHAURAASI.