CHATUR SINGH TWO STAR hits 449 digital theatres

TWF IBNS By TWF IBNS | 19 Aug 2011 17:09:53.8400000 IST

Sanjay Dutt starrer CHATUR SINGH TWO STAR will screen in 449 UFO digital theatres across India for the week of August 19-25.

Ram Gopal Varma's NOT A LOVE STORY screens in 275 UFO Digital Theatres for the week of August 19-25.

AARAKSHAN continues to screen in 246 UFO Digital theatres in its second week. SAHI DHANDHE GALAT BANDE releases in its first week in 155 UFO Digital Theatres. SINGHAM, which released on July 22, 2011, continues to screen in 151 UFO Digital Theatres.


Actor turned producer Sanjay Dutt says, "I am very happy now that films can now release simultaneously in digital theatres across the length and breadth of the country on a first-day first-show basis. I remember that when I used to watch Friday releases at Gaiety theatre in Bandra, Mumbai, we used to see a small poster of a forthcoming film but now even trailers are shown in digital theatres.

"Recent films like DOUBLE DHAMAAL, READY, AARAKASHAN and SINGHAM have done well in single screens as well as in multiplexes thanks to digital theatres. As an actor and a producer, it makes me very happy and it is good for the industry if digital cinema can increase the box office size while offering quality experience at affordable ticket prices."

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In terms of non-Hindi films, Marathi film MORYA releases today in 105 UFO Digital Theatres. Popular Singer and Music director Avdhoot Gupte's new film MORYA screens in 105 UFO Digital Theatres for the week of August 19-25, 2011, creating some kind of a record as Gupte's earlier film, ZENDA released on January 22, 2010, in 56 UFO Digital Theatres but went on to screen in 146 UFO Digital Theatres as of August 5, 2011.

In 2011, Mahesh Manjrekar-produced Marathi film FAQTA LADH MHANA screened on 100 UFO Digital Theatres during the first week of release; viz., August 5-11. Only 2 other Marathi films last year - PAAARADH (in August 2010), IDEACHI KALPANA (in December 2010) - in 2009 and 2010 screened on 100 plus UFO Digital Cinema.

Superstar Shivarajakumar's 100th Kannada film and magnum opus JOGAIAH releases today in 83 UFO Digital Theatres creating some kind of a record within the network of UFO Movies, the world's single largest networked digital cinema platform, which has revolutionized the way films are distributed and exhibited throughout India.

JOGAIAH is expected to create a new wave in the action film category. Telugu film KANDIREEGA, which released on August 12, 2011, screens in 79 UFO Digital Theatres.

Telugu film DHADA, which released on August 11, screens on 68 UFO Digital Theatres. Tamil film KANCHANA, which released on July 22, continues to screen on 62 UFO Digital Theatres.