Check how Shraddha is having a blast with her <i>baapu</i>

Check how Shraddha is having a blast with her baapu news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 25 May 2017 12:55:52.1970000 IST

B-town celebs rarely have the luxury of spending quality time with their families. So after the release of her latest film HALF GIRLFRIEND, actress Shraddha Kapoor decided to have a much needed break and go on vacation with her family.

Shraddha posted one very cute video clip from her vacation and we tell you this video will certainly make your day as we see Shraddha doing cart wheels in the most childish way ever.

Interestingly this video was shot by Shraddha’s baapu i.e. her father Shakti who is heard addressing Shraddha as, “This is my golden child”
In another clip shared by Shraddha we see her baapu getting in front of the camera and mimicking a monkey.

Shraddha truly seems to be a child at heart and her daddy is truly very proud of her.

This Kapoor khaandaan is truly a very crazy and fun loving family and we totally love them.