Check what Armaan said about Sonakshi at Justin Bieber's concert

Check what Armaan said about Sonakshi at Justin Bieber's concert news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 11 May 2017 10:39:26.9800000 IST
When news of Sonakshi Sinha’s apparent opening act at Justin Bieber’s concert spread, Bollywood singers expressed their anger on it.  Kailash Kher, Sona Mohapatra and Armaan Malik took to social media platforms to express their anger on the fact that why an actor is being chosen for the opening act of a singing concert?


This led to a war of words between Sonakshi and composer Armaan Malik and other singers came out openly disliking the fact that why actors should sing at such concerts when there is a plethora of singing talent in the country.

At Justin Bieber’s concert yesterday when Armaan was asked about her current equation with Sonakshi to which he replied, “There are lot of people I think that opportunity and chance that needs to be given to them. Talking about Sonakshi I just said my point, I didn’t even actually tag her in my comment but I love her, I have even sung a song for her film NOOR, we are pretty close that way. Something about my comment miffed her off that’s fine I have no hard feelings for her. I am doing my music and my motto is always look upwards and not looking back. ”

Well that was well said Armaan we hope that Sonakshi too doesn’t have any hard feelings for you.