CHEENI KUM ya zyaada, Toss a Coin to know more!

 Cheeni KumHotMuggs, a stylized drinkware concept, have entered into an alliance with P9, the merchandising partner for CHEENI KUM ? A sugar free love story, to launch a range of innovative and exclusively licensed merchandise, targeted at movie buffs and aimed at creating an excitement in the marketplace around the movie. These innovative merchandise that has many first to its credit, is designed, manufactured and marketed by HotMuggs, and will be available leading malls, bookstores, and concept shops in over 25 cities across the country.

CHEENI KUM is a romantic comedy with less sugar. Means less mush. Inspired from the sarcasm of the story, the innovative merchandise developed are CHEENI KUM Toss Coins (set of 5 and singles); Unique theme based message mugs; Craft your own CHEENI KUM love story on Muggs (akin to a greeting card); and Limited Edition of specially autographed mugs by Amitabh and Tabu.

Mr.Rishi Jain, Managing Director ? HotMuggs said, 'The product class of HotMuggs, the concept of zestfuly, energetic, funkiness has an ideal connect with CHEENI KUM ? a Love Story and hence we are upbeat about the fact that we not just offering a product or merchandise, but a concept that is as youthful, energetic and funky and targeted this at the discerning class.' HotMuggs is present in nearly 25 cities through leading malls, multiplexes and bookstores where the merchandise shall also be available.

CHEENI KUM Toss Coins (set of 5 and singles), a first time concept, aimed towards having fun games with interesting toss combos like Sex / TV, Cricket / Shopping, Pizza / Idli, Today / Tomorrow, Enough / Want More. For the people who believe in a Sugar Free Romance, there is a range of CHEENI KUM Message Muggs with 4 Variants to choose from. With unique message like: 1 1/2 kg Pure Passion / a dash of Charm / lots of Bitterness / 2 drops Apology / 999g Jealousy / 1 tbsp White Lies - my CHEENI KUM partner; 'Love rules without rules'; 'In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities'; and 'Where there is great love, there are great miracles'. These messages are based on the CHEENI KUM concept of love (not mushy).

 CheenI KumIn a unique mugg people can write their own CHEENI KUM love story, akin to a greeting card, a concept that first of its kind in the industry, and win personally autographed limited edition mugs, music merchandise. CHEENI KUM BnW - with a special limited edition of 2 mugs, with one white and one black with an inscribed autograph of Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu on either mugs. The merchandise is priced from Rs.99 ? 825/- only.

CHEENI KUM is a romantic comedy with less sugar. Means less mush. It is a sarcastic love story of a 64 year old arrogant, acidic chef of London's top Indian restaurant and a simple 34 year old unmarried woman, visiting London. It's a story of how they meet, how they fight, how they make up, how their relationship evolves into romance. It's a story of their funny struggle to break the news to the woman's father and the chaos they go through convincing him and making him accept them as a couple. Movie written and directed by R.Balki, is produced by Sunil Manchanda, MAD Entertainment with P9 Integrated Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (P9 Int.) and Ilaiya Raja as the music director. The movie features: Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu, Paresh Rawal and Zohra Sehgal