Chrissy Metz cried for an hour in a parking lot!

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Actress Chrissy Metz says she cried for an hour before her first big splurge after booking "This Is Us". In an interview to, the actress, who has long been open about her financial journey, spoke about some of the biggest money mistakes she made before landing a starring role on "This Is Us". "I think it was really the fear of not having it, so I wouldn't even look at it," she said. "If I had a certain amount of money I didn't even think about budgeting it because ‘Oh it's going to be gone anyways so I'll just spend it'. Instead of actually being smart and educating myself on how to save," added the actress. 

But even with steady paychecks coming in, Metz said she finds it difficult to let herself splurge. She recalled crying in her car over purchasing a laptop. "I cried for an hour in the parking lot before (buying the laptop) because I was so afraid of doing it. Even though I have a steady income, I'm still worried because I have this mentality of where I've been."

The actress is famous for her role of Kate Pearson on "This Is Us", which airs in India on Star World.