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Download Rain WallpapersThere is more to Meghna Naidu than her hot and sexy image. The 'Kaliyon Ka Chaman' girl who until recently was better known for her skin show, is all set to unravel her acting potential in the role of a rain-phobic blind girl in RAIN. The role will open the doors to a whole new set of possibilities in her acting career, according to Meghna. Here's what Meghna has to say about her role in RAIN and the 'glamour' tag associated with her. 

"Rain is not a deliberate effort to break through the sex-symbol image. I am not going out of my way to change my image. I got this offer while I was working on my other films. The director, Amol Shetge, for some reason felt that I could do justice to the role. Moreover the entire film revolves around only two characters. I decided to give it a try and I am happy I took the decision. It gave me a new experience in playing a very challenging role. Post RAIN, I am expecting that film-makers will come to me with more substantial offers but it's still premature to talk about it.

I did not derive inspiration from Rani Mukherjee's performance in BLACK for the role of the blind girl in RAIN. I had seen BLACK earlier. It is an Download Rain Wallpapersentirely different film with a different set of circumstances, so there was no question of being inspired by Rani's character from the film. Besides, both Amol and I were clear that I would portray the character exactly the way I visualized a blind girl under the circumstances that she was going through. I and Himanshu (Himanshu Malik) participated in a rigorous 20-day workshop and Amol himself took great pains in ensuring that I had the perfect body language. It was a bit difficult in the first three days but gradually I got used to the idea of walking on the sets with my eyes closed.

The role in RAIN would not have been possible without the excellent chemistry that I share with Himanshu Mallik. The chemistry that the two of us share has made a big difference to the way our roles have come across on screen. It started with JACKPOT, our first film together when we developed an excellent tuning with each other. It was this tuning that worked to a great advantage in our body language in RAIN.

Download Rain WallpapersIt is not as if my role in RAIN does not have its share of glamour. There are a few sensuous scenes in RAIN towards the climax but they are all in keeping with the need of the script. However there is no vulgar skin show or anything overtly sexual in my role in the film. In fact I am portrayed as a very simple girl in the first half of the film.

I don't consider my image as an advantage or a disadvantage. The bold and sizzling image works for me at times and also goes against my career at times, but it doesn't really affect me. I don't think I'll have to go for a conscious change of image because I am suddenly being offered roles that are more performance-oriented and not just skin-show. In one of my forthcoming films called BAD FRIENDS, I play a 'sati-savitri' wife to a pop singer. My role in Karan Razdan's EIGHT also does not have the characteristic sizzle that is associated with my image. Occasionally, it pays not to sizzle on screen."

Download Rain Wallpapers