CINEMAX launches its first property in Siliguri

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 05 Dec 2009 14:33:19.9200000 IST



Cinemax, the largest multiplex chain in Mumbai, launches its first property in Siliguri foraying into the Gateway of the North East. With the launch of its first plush property Cinemax-Savin Plaza in Dagapur, Siliguri, Cinemax further expands to the East, establishing a strong presence in the region.

The new property is a step towards the reinforcement of Cinemax's commitment of providing the best of Indian and International Cinema to all its viewers across the country. This new multiplex will have the Cinemax benchmarked technology, lighting, acoustic sound system - thus making each movie-watching experience unique in its own right. The Cinemax at Siliguri will host a total of 974 seats with 4 screens. (Screen I capacity - 216 patrons, Screen II capacity - 242 patrons, Screen III capacity - 216 patrons and Screen IV capacity- 300 patrons). The multiplex will also host 73 recliner seats were patrons can sink into their cozy sofas that recline up to 150 degrees and enjoy a personalized cafe service while enjoying their favourite movie.

Talking on the launch, Mr. Devang Sampat, Senior Vice President, Cinemax India Ltd said, 'Cinemax has established its presence with a strong emphasis on screen size, picture and sound quality and innovative consumer offers, offering viewers a variety which keeps them coming back for more. We have built our brand on the pillars of commitment, trust, value and quality that we strive to provide to our customers always. The launch of our property in Siliguri is a fortification of our promise of providing a state-of-the-art entertainment experience to all movie-enthusiasts pan India'.

An established leader in Mumbai and largest multiplex chain in Gujarat, Cinemax will now be operational at Siliguri, the fourth largest city of West Bengal. With state-of-the art amenities and premiere movie culture that has been pioneered by Cinemax, the primary property at Siliguri is sure to witness all the benefits of a strong brand and strategic movie promotions, true to its byline 'Enjoy Relax: Cinemax'.