'Clean' Abhishek scores again with BOL BACHCHAN!

img By S Abid | 10 Jul 2012 13:59:31.9430000 IST

If we go by what the critics, social networks and fan sites say, Abhishek Bachchan and his unkempt stubbled look is the one that suits him best, and he excels in the roles where he sports an unshaven look.

Unfortunately, real world and what the actual audience feels is quite in opposition to that. If we check out Abhishek's track record, it is the clean shaven look that has mostly scored at the box-office. Yes, there have been a few exceptions like SARKAAR but only few.

download BOL BACHCHAN wallpapers
download BOL BACHCHAN wallpapers

Starting with his first bonafide hit, DHOOM, to his subsequent unquestionable hits like BUNTY AUR BABLI, GURU and DOSTANA, all had the clean cut Abhishek.

Coming to the present, last Friday's BOL BACHCHAN, where Abhishek essays a double role, has once again scored big at the ticket window.

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In fact if anyone wants to give the credit to Abhi's co-star in the film Ajay Devgn, and his almost 100 percent record with Rohit Shetty, we would like say that the team's previous best weekend record (GOLMAAL 3) has been bettered ( by about 4-5 crores) by BOL BACHCHAN.

While BOL BACHCHAN is all set to be hit, how big or small only time will tell, but we would like to say this to Abhishek (and his fans!)- Please stay clean (shaven) in the upcoming projects!