Condoms, sex, Ranveer & Ranbir: Farah & Sania get candid on 'Koffee with Karan'

Condoms, sex, Ranveer & Ranbir: Farah & Sania get candid on 'Koffee with Karan' news

Known for bringing the closest and most well-known Bollywood friendships on the couch, Karan has a double surprise in store for everyone in the next episode of ‘Koffee with Karan season 5’.

Karan has invited his dearest friend Farah Khan and World Number 1 tennis player Sania Mirza, Karan has managed to shed some much needed spotlight on their unique and close friendship.
The two ladies are famous for being fiery and outspoken, and true to their self, the newest coffee teaser sees them laughing to glory at their jokes about Karan.

Going by the promos, we see Farah and Karan share some quirky hilarious one-liners.

We can also see, Karan generally asking Sania where she was all his life, to which Farah quickly points out to her that Karan will become her friend now as she is world's no 1 player. To this, Sania asks Karan if that is the reason why she wasn't invited on the show before.

Farah also related how once at her birthday party Karan made fun of all her guests and after they went, he began to talk badly about her crockery and cutlery.

Sania takes to the couch to face Karan’s questions. While sports and Bollywood have long seen a connection, with Indian sportsmen hobnobbing with stars from the film fraternity, Farah and Sania’s friendship makes Karan rather jealous as he is not a part of this closely bonded clique, leaving Farah to state that he is suffering from ‘FOMO’ or the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’!
Farah is her usual candid self is seen ribbing Karan continuously. From joking about whether Karan ‘ko base pasand hai’ to telling Sania that Karan will now befriend her only because she is World Number 1 to revealing that not only did Karan make fun of all the guests at one of her parties but also of her crockery and cutlery, Farah leaves no stone unturned to mercilessly tease her friend of many years!
Playing the rapid fire round, Sania is all out there by announcing that she does not want any Bollywood actor to wear their shirt. And Farah takes it only further with her reply to Karan's next question. When Karan asks Farah what advice she would give to Ranbir and Ranveer if they were dating, for Ranveer, Farah said that she would suggest him to carry a big box of condoms, and if any of Ranveer's condoms were left, then Ranbir should take them.

While it may be Sania’s debut on ‘Koffee with Karan’, she faces Karan’s questions with grace, ease and much amusement. She joins Farah in pulling Karan’s leg as she questions his definition of sports in the Rapid Fire Round.
Also, when Karan begins his GK round by asking the name of the character who's known for his spin bowling in LAGAAN, Sania makes fun of Karan by telling him that she won't win if he asks sports questions like these.