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Anu MalikHis penchant for acting and shayari (remember 'Indian Idol') is well known, but music director Anu Malik has turned over a new leaf in his music career. He has turned full-time singer. In Feroz Nadiadwalla's forthcoming film, DEEWANE HUE PAGAL, Anu has rendered as many as three songs, besides his voice being used as the 'sutradhar' in the film. Two of the songs sung by Anu are for Akshay Kumar and one is for Shahid Kapur. According to Anu, it was at producer Feroz Nadiadwalla's insistence that he agreed to sing four songs in the film. "It was initially decided that I would sing only one song for the film but Feroz heard it and felt my voice would be best suited for another romantic song of Akshay. Later he insisted that I record for yet another number to be picturised on Shahid Kapoor. At the end of it, he was so impressed with my voice that he insisted that I lend my voice for the 'sutradhar' of the film too," Anu recalls.

Interestingly, Nadiadwalla's isn't the only film for which Anu is singing. He has also recorded a song for Raj Kanwar's Akshay-Katrina starrer, HUMKO DEEWANA KAR GAYE, in which he has once again sung for Akshay. Anu is now looking at rendering a song in every film for which he is composing music. "The biggest advantage about my voice is its originality. It doesn't resemble any of the veteran singers in the music industry. Even the 'Do Me a Favor, let's play Holi' song in WAQT, got me a great feedback," he remembers.

Is Anu Malik the singer likely to displace the other singers in the industry? "No way. I am not competing with Anu Malikanyone. The truth is that talent in the cash-starved industry is currently zeroing on true talent. Anyone can succeed, provided he or she has the talent and can deliver the goods," he says.

So where does that leave his obsession for acting and turning lyricist? "I haven't given that up either. I am still waiting for an interesting role to come along that will inspire me. As for turning lyricist, it is spontaneous. The new Indian Idol show is all set to start and I will be on the jury this time too. There's plenty of scope for shayari there," he smiles.