Could Kapil Sharma become the next Govinda?

Could Kapil Sharma become the next Govinda? news
Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 17 Dec 2013 18:33:45.8300000 IST

Emergence of Kapil Sharma through the Comedy Nights with Kapil Show is one of the most outlier moments that has emerged for the year 2013, an idiom, that has redefined the contours of connect of film stars with the television. Such has been the phenomenal success of Kapil Sharma after his show was launched, that within a matter of few months he has emerged as 100 most powerful persons associated with the entertainment industry in the country, according to the Forbes compilation for the year 2013. Never has such a phenomenon caught the imagination of the public and no wonder, all the filmstars on the eve of the release of their films desire to be on the sets with Kapil to promote their film.


While it indeed is the outlier moment for the world of Hindi cinema, it also has thrown an interesting pointer for the industry, more so, when it analyzes with reference to the show in which Govinda appeared. As the show progressed, it became apparent that Kapil Sharma has all the qualities to fit into the boots of Govinda and he could be the second Govinda that industry has been searching for. The slot that Govinda had carved for himself has been vacant for quite a long time, but Kapil Sharma with his amazing sense of timing and comedy could fit the bill.

He already is in most of the living rooms of the country where television is watched, and he could be the star that Hindi cinema has been looking for, for the year 2014 as a fresh air. Kapil Sharma makes the audience eat out of his hands, and this was the reason that Anil Kapoor had thought of casting him in his popular television serial 24, but Kapil declined. It has been more than 25 years ago that an actor from the world of television stepped into the world of cinema and continues to rule the roost, the man being Shahrukh Khan. For Kapil Sharma the advantage over Shahrukh Khan lies in the fact that he is not an unknown face who will have to struggle, but on the contrary, producers would throng to his house with their money bag, if Kapil gives green signal to act in a film. Kapil, indeed world of Hindi cinema beckons you to give it a much needed doze of freshness. Hope you would take the plunge.