Cuddle up with your family and binge watch Ekta Kapoor's Home!

Ekta Kapoor’s the head honcho of Balaji motion pictures, Balaji Telefilms as well as Alt Balaji's latest offering Home is now streaming on it's official app, ever since the trailer of the the show is out, fans have been wanting to see it. Supported by a strong cast including Annu Kapoor, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Parikshit Sahani, Himani Shivpuri and the younger lot Amol Parashar and Chetna Pande, the web series is the story of a middle-class family which decides to fight authorities after being issued a notice to vacate their home in the wake of an illegal construction by the builder. Directed by Habib Faisal,
who has forayed into web series with Home has done a fab job and touched the strings of heart with HOME.

After watching all the episodes of the Habib Faisal directorial, I can say that Home is indeed a masterpiece with one should certainly watch it with their family, its a simple story of Sethi family as the battle a very serious issue of demolition of house and how they win over it, with gallatin of emotions, family, values, dreams and aspirations this one show is a binge watch!

Talking about the crux of the entire six episode show, the show opens with a beautiful song sung by Aaman Trikha and then comes the protaganist's Annu Kapoor, Supriya Pilgaonkar and Anmol's journey.
Forced to take up a private job after a failed business, Mr Sethi (Annu Kapoor) is juggling with the household expenses since he has to send his son to America. His wife Mrs Sethi, apart from running her household with a smile, also runs a tiffin service to add to the income of her family. Their son Vansh Sethi (Amol Parashar) is an indifferent millennial, excited to shift to America because for him “In India, you have to fight for everything” and he doesn’t want to live a life like that. Meanwhile, daughter Hina Sethi is dealing with a failed marriage. Daddu aka Parikshit Sahani has all the traits of a grandparent, he is all hearts for his family but is also a little rigid, stubborn and unbending when it comes to his age-old ideologies.

Amidst their day to day struggle, they are served a notice of demolition of their home and Mr and Mrs Sethi discover another unavoidable situation. As they are putting a brave show against all odds, unlike them, we know what lies ahead. The makers give hints to what is going to happen in the future as the story runs in flashback. The last episode is indeed touchy as one will surely have tears in their

The series proves a strong point is how it captures the life and struggles of a middle-class family. Director Habib Faisal has yet again kept the characters and the setting of his story as real as possible. It is relatable as many middle class home's face similar situation and the anecdotes in the show will surely connect to all.

For instance, Mrs Sethi complains about a broken lock and asks her husband to call the carpenter to which Mr Sethi says he will fix himself by oiling it. Soon after, we hear mummy Sethi telling her son how they will break their fixed deposit to arrange for his American university’s fees. Other such references are littered throughout the series.

As this is the first time Annu Kapoor and Supriya Pilgaonkar are seen in web-series, the chemistry between them will wow you. The two have captured the essence of a middle-aged couple. Amol Parashar’s switch from hipster DJ Chitvan of Tripling to an indifferent millennial Vansh Sethi is an interesting one. Himani Shivpuri as the building secretary nails her act perfectly. The other neighbours
too have a substantial part to play.

Ekta Kapoor's Home is warm and you will surely cuddle up with various emotions after you watch it, this is a must watch with family!
All the six episodes of Home are streaming on Alt Balaji's app.