DAAS DEV rap song: Sudhir Mishra and Saurabh Shukla rock big time!

Indeed when a theme song or a title track releases it should instil interest in the audience for the particular film, but the DAAS DEV rap song that released just recently takes the excitement level for the film to a different high altogether. Rapped in an almost conversational manner by none other than maverick iconoclastic director, Sudhir Mishra, in his classy baritone vocals and composed excellently by his friend Anshu Sharma, with interesting and very apt lyrics (English plus Hindi) penned by Gaurav Solanki. The rap encapsulates the spirit and more (HAMLET and DEVDAS mix!) of DAAS DEV and provides a superb insight into the film. The extremely entertaining video features loveable actor Saurabh Shukla and Sudhir Mishra donning stylized dapper looks, moving about in vintage cars like Lambretta with visuals from the film incorporated. Just brilliant!