Daisy Shah gets her first swanky new car

RACE 3 actress Daisy Shah recently gifted herself a luxury car on the occasion of Dussehra. As Daisy shares a deep love for the occasion of Navaratri she chose this particular time to buy a brand new Mercedes GLC 200. The diva was overwhelmed and welcomed the car in a traditional manner in the showroom along with her entire family.

The actress had a busy week earlier as she was traveling to various cities for Navaratri event. As Daisy is now back in town she will soon be seen taking her swanky new wheels for a joyride around the city. Talking about her first car Daisy said, "I had a desire to buy this car for a very long time but I was waiting for the right occasion to come. What could be a better and more auspicious occasion than Dussehra ?! I'm looking to forward to take my new wheels for a spin"