Daisy Shah supports an Asian record holder

Daisy Shah

Daisy Shah was recently spotted in a casual attire at a marathon expo in bkc. The fit actress was also seen doing bench press for the first time with 27kgs! Talking about her experience and supporting Asian record holder Ranjita Mishra Daisy said “It was my first time doing 27 kgs on the bench press but I am sure I will get better at it with more practice. However, hats off to all the sportswomen of this country who bring us so much pride with their achievements. It was a commendable feat by Ranjita Mishra who did 44 reps at the age of 46 at #TMM2019. She made an Asian record in squats in Mongolia and is preparing for the IPF World Championship to be held in June 2019. I wish her success. To many more sportswomen like her, keep up the good work and let us make each day worth celebrating! “

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