Damien Chazelle to retell the story of Apollo 11

Space has always been an intriguing aspect to learn about and films about space can be scary and haunting in the case of ALIEN or films like GRAVITY and INTERSTELLAR can show you an aspect that is beyond imaginations and show what could possiblly exist beyond the blue planet we inhabit.

But to flame the fire to all these ideas there has to be a base and Neil Armstrong’s space mission which landed him on the moon has been inspirational to not only filmmakers but also to other astronauts and Damien Chazelle is teaming up with Ryan Gosling once again to tell us the story of Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 accomplishments.

The event has been historical for all of humanity as it was the first time man had set foot on the moon, for the technology present in 1969, this was a feat of engineering marvel and every step was crucial, this mission was a huge risk that finally paid off.

Academy Award winner Screenwriter Josh Singer who has been signed to write the film said, “Damien had a very clear vision from the outset. He said, ‘Can we get across how challenging this was? Can we get across the visceral nature of this?’ The space program has been depicted, tonally, on the softer side in the past.”

He added, “This is 100 percent a mission movie. It’s about going to the moon as seen through the eyes of the guy, who got there, We have at least five major set pieces that are action, and if your heart rate doesn’t go through the roof, if you’re not gripping the edge of your seat the entire times, I’ll be shocked.”

Damien added to the plot of the film saying, “I want to be terrified the entire time.’ It’s one of the earliest things we talked about. Neil’s heroism isn’t because he landed on the moon, it’s because he had the wherewithal to live through it all.

The film titled FIRST MAN is scheduled to release in October.

Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle (PIC COURTESY: filmexperience.net)
Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle (PIC COURTESY: filmexperience.net)