DANGAL: Aamir Khan to unveil 'Haanikarak Bapu' on Children's Day!

DANGAL: Aamir Khan to unveil 'Haanikarak Bapu' on Children's Day! news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 11 Nov 2016 18:23:25.2570000 IST

Aamir Khan is all set to make Children’s Day even more special for the little ones.

The song ‘Baapu tu sehat ke liye Hanikarak hai' is an ode to Children's sentiments towards fathers.

Ironically, the song is completely in contrast to how Aamir Khan is as a father.

The actor is known to be a doting father, who believes in understanding his children and being a friend to them rather than being firm. He has never been able to say no or refused them and reasons things out with them.

His daughter Ira too wrote on a micro-blogging site on Father’s Day, 'My childhood would not have been the same without the chess games you let me win and the monopoly games you always won. You're the best father I could have asked for. Happy Father's Day <3'

Aamir himself also shared that he found his father ‘haanikaarak’ in childhood.

Watch the video to know more: