India Voice Fest: Giving FACE to VOICES!

L to R Ameen Sayani, India Voice Fest, Darrpan Mehta ( image combined for illustration)

Padmashri Ameen Sayani, India’s legendary broadcaster and voice artiste to grace India’s first ever India Voice Fest, the brainchild of leading voice artiste Darrpan Mehta.

Ranveer Singh for DEADPOOL, Amitabh Bachchan for BFG, Kajol for THE INCREDIBLES 2, but you know gave the voice over for Katrina Kaif in DHOOM 3 and Kangana Ranaut for KRRISH 3 in the movies Tamil and Telugu versions?, her name is Deepa Venkat. Similarly, did you knew that Rajesh Jolly is the man behind the voice of Mel Gibson in BRAVEHEART in its Hindi version and the voice of Ravana in the animated series HANUMAN?. Have you ever wondered whose voice in your kid’s favorite cartoons – MICKEY MOUSE, DONALD DUCK, CHOTA BHEEM, DOREMOAN etc makes them happy? The voice that constantly occupies your drawing room giving moments of joy?.

In a unique initiative which is one of its kind in India, an event is getting organized to bring together all voiceover and dubbing Industry under one roof to give ‘Face to Voices’ called the India Voice Fest. 

The brainchild of leading voice artiste and director of Sugar Mediaz, Darrpan Mehta, India Voice Fest is the first conference in India that is purely focused on voiceover and dubbing Industry in India.

According to a study, the voice over industry which boosts around 5000 professionals who practice their craft for television, dubbed films, advertisements, radio, mobile, digital and much more. The event aims at bringing recognition and dignity to the voice industry which it truly deserves.

With Padmashri Ameen Sayani, India’s legendary broadcaster and voice artiste gracing the event and also addressing it with his golden voice, India Voice Fest is set to write a new chapter in books of Indian voice over artistes. It is reported that the event which will be held this Sunday morning in Mumbai will be not only see voice over artistes, studio engineers, voice directors, writers, translators, dubbing producers are also going to attend.

Darrpan Mehta is elated and filled with high hopes, the leading voice artiste and director of Sugar Mediaz says, “ India Voice Fest has been my dream that will soon turn into reality. A platform where all talented voice industry professionals come together and celebrate the fascinating craft of Voice Acting".