Darshan Kumar: There is no harm in pre-marital sex

Darshan Kumar: There is no harm in pre-marital sex news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 08 Apr 2017 10:47:28.7130000 IST

Actor Darshan Kumar made his debut with MARY KOM opposite Priyanka Chopra, post which he was seen in NH10 playing a baddie, and later in SARBJIT.

Darshan is very excited as his latest film MIRZA JUULIET released recently. In a candid conversation he spoke at length about love, lust, pre-marital sex and his film MIRZA JUULIET


Excerpts from the interview:

A new trend in Bollywood is here; nowadays we see actresses in movies are portrayed with an extrovert image while guys are the subdued and sober. What do you have to say about it?
No. it depends upon the story of the film. Yeah there are few films that are made and there is no harm in portraying that. It depends upon the need of the script.
How much do you relate to your character in this film?
Mirza had a very complicated past and he had a lot of struggles to manoeuver with. Luckily I did not have to live through those hurdles in life. But, there is one thing that is common between Mirza and me and that is keep extreme faith in love.
Were you comfortable using cuss words in the film?
If the script demands then why not? As an actor I will always mould myself to the requirement of script.
Do you think using cuss words has become a new trend in B-town?
No. It is been used since decades, in Bollywood, Hollywood or any film industry across the planet. And if it is fit into the script at apt junctions, it doesn't seem meaningless.
5 qualities you want in your partner?
1. Beautiful eyes
2. Honesty
3. Having her own individuality
4. Ambitious
5. Infectiously loveable
What does love mean to you?
Love is so glamorous that it turns the dust of every day’s life into a beautiful haze. So, keep falling and rising in love.
Who do think is more loyal in a relationship? The guy or a girl?
It depends from person to person. The intent should always be right and the commitment should be cent percent.
How would you react if you would find your partner cheating on you?
Goodbye! And, wish them a great future.
What’s your take on pre-marital sex?
If you are not cheating on anybody and if it is with mutual consent, then what is the harm? It's an extremely personal choice.
What turns you on in a partner?
I think for me it has always been how my partner speaks and holds her own personality. That to me makes the person desirable.
What turns you off in a partner?
Anyone with double standards.
Are you a diehard romantic person?
Only when I find the right person who clutches on with my frequency.
Have you read the story of Mirza Sahiba and Romeo Juliet?
I've read both and both of them are amazing in their own way.
What is your idea of perfect date?
A candle light dinner on a yacht, in the middle of the sea under the starry sky.