DAYS OF TAFREE revisits CHHELLO DIVAS in Hindi news

A glimpse of the official trailer of Krishnadev Yagnik’s DAYS OF TAFREE that just released, reminds one of the director’s Gujarati superhit CHHELLO DIVAS. Watch the official trailer right here.

Krishnadev Yagnik’s CHHELLO DIVAS was a runaway hit both from box office and critics point of view. The movie had a light hearted plotline and kept one glued with the funny sequences. One of the most hilarious that stayed back is this nagging girl’s character’s encounter with her boyfriend at a restaurant. The way it was conceptualised was unique and one needs to watch it to believe. She keeps on nagging saying “te mara mate coffee kem mangaivi”. and not to forget the climax.
If college days are something that we have left behind then this could be one interesting outing. People may not relate the entire narrative but atleast the speech in the end leaves one teary eyed. Hope Krishnadev has kept the same essence intact and bettered the producton values since now it would be targeting a larger set of audience.

I’m sure people who have seen the movie in Gujarati would wait to see its Hindi version too.