DEADPOOL 2 trailer: Loud, unapologetic and rude just the way we love him.

The final trailer for DEADPOOL 2 just dropped and it is loud, unapologetic and rude just like the merc with the mouth himself.
The trailer shows members of Deadpool’s new team the X Force which includes Bedlam played by Terry Crews, Lewis Tan as Shatterstar, Zazie Beets as Domino and Rob Delany as Peter who does not have any superpowers but still makes the team.
The trailer makes fun of X MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE in a scene where the character of Wade Wilson is seen slicing bullets fired at him, which is shown here again but with Deadpool incurring damages and joking about it.
We see Cable in action against Colossus and Cable shoots him across the street into a truck. We see Domino’s superpower which involves her getting lucky, every time. Seems like a real power a lot of people would like to have.
Deadpool makes fun of Cable’s dark dialogue asking if he’s from the DC Universe which is a sly remark on the consistent dark themed DC films produced by Warner Bros.
The funniest part of this series has been that Deadpool and Weasel have formed this team searching on LinkedIn, and that is the best product placement in years to have been mentioned.
Dopinder is seen in front of a new taxi so things may look better for him as the film progress.
Produced by Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment and Directed by David Leitch.
DEADPOOL is releasing on 18th May 2018.