DEADPOOL 2 trailer promises to be twice as loud, funny and chaotic

The R rated superhero movies, which broke barriers and proved to a world that adults too will flock to movie theatres if you give them a reason, are back with a new trailer called, DEADPOOL 2.
Ryan Reynolds dons his red suit once again but this time he’s with a new team called X Force as shown in the trailer. The trailer in itself is packed with high octane action and funny little dialogues which gives Deadpool his fourth wall breaking persona as well as makes the character seem wholesome and not a generic superhero.
We see the introduction of Cable who has been a staple of the X Men series, the child of Jean Grey and Cyclops. He is seen in many scenes with Deadpool but their relationship seems to be a bit uncertain as we see them fighting at one point and then hugging with Deadpool caressing him intimately.
Cable has returned in the present from the future to take the kid played by Julian Dennison, though we do not know what role he is supposed to play but we see in the trailer that he too is a mutant and can conjure up fire with his bare hands.
The trailer opens up with homage to INDIANA JONES where we see Deadpool run towards the taxi in which Dopinder, the Indian taxi driver is waiting, also there's a mention of SISTER HOOD OF THE TRAVELLING PANTS so it remains to be seen how many more films are going to be spoofs, or mentioned or just being made fun of when DEADPOOL arrives.
Directed by David Leitch and produced by Ryan Reynold and distributed by 20th Century Fox, DEADPOOL will release on 18th May 2018