Deadpool finds a way to beat the summer heat!

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR is the most awaited movie of all times and if Indian audience can’t wait for one super hero film, there is one more releasing this year and that’s DEADPOOL, which broke the R rated box office records when it was released in 2016, the movie took more than a decade to realize production of the film, it was the fans who started petitions for the film to get made after test footage was leaked.

Fast forward a few years and DEADPOOL is being talked almost everywhere the hype create by the first film has carried onto the sequel which is scheduled to release this May.

The latest poster for DEADPOOL shows him relaxing in a pool on a swan float and just dipping his feet and a finger in the water.

The poster embodies Wade Wilson’s characteristics as true as they are, a calm and funny person trapped inside an indestructible killing machine who sometimes just wants to have fun, eat chimichangas and cause mass destruction.

After the first two trailers one simply can’t keep calm, after the poster of DEADPOOL was released this morning.

DEADPOOL 2’s new poster is complete opposite of what his film turns out to be and it’s great to see the merc with a mouth relax and let go for a bit. This is indeed one of the most funny yet amusing avatar one can see DEADPOOL in.

DEADPOOL 2 is coming back to the theatres but this time with more backup and with cable being introduced for the first time in films it will be great to see DEADPOOL is square up to the time travelling hero.

Directed by David Leitch and produced by 20th Century Fox.