Deepika Padukone: People discouraged Ranveer and Shahid to do PADMAAVAT

Deepika Padukone is on career high as she is busy garnering accolades from everyone and her film PADMAAVAT is inching towards 200 crore mark. But this isn’t the first film of Deepika that has touched 100 cores. Her previous films with Bhansali had a magical aura and it touched 100 crore plus mark, and every time the lucky mascot has been Ranveer Singh. This is her third film with Bhansali and with Ranveer Singh and they have together created magic and we can’t deny.


During media interactions when asked Deepika Padukone about her chemistry with Ranveer and how has he grown as an actor from Ram to Bajirao and here (PADMAAVAT) as an antagonist to which she said, “Fortunately or unfortunately, the only director that has brought the two of us together is him. So all of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali films that I have done, Ranveer have been a very important part of it. I can see his growth as an actor. I can see how he grew with Bajirao after having done RAM-LEELA. I can see what he has done with Khilji after having seeing his work as Bajirao and Ram.”

As Shahid is a new entrant in Bhansali camp and he hasn’t done a period drama ever we asked her how was he as a co-star and was it easy for Shahid to dwell into the character to which she replied, “I’m yet to see an actor with so much sincerity and for him and Shahid. I feel what they have done with PADMAAVAT is extremely generous because I think with Ranveer… I think there was a lot of advice that he got from people to not do the film, to play an antagonist at this stage in his career. I think there were people who were apprehensive for Shahid to do the film because of various reasons. Maybe because of the fact that he was entering new territory in that sense, considering Sanjay sir and all of us have worked together before and he was kind of new to that set-up and not being sure of what kind of cards he’s been going to deal with. A lot of people I know also discouraged them from doing the film purely because it was called Padmavati. So, in a lot of ways I feel like eventually, they overcame all of those hurdles or doubts and eventually did the film, purely for the love of the film and wanting to see this film being made. So I recognize their generosity and when I say generosity not just in terms that I just spoke of but also in terms of what they have given to the film as just artists.”

Furthermore when asked, finally the film has been released after facing backlashes, PADMAAVAT is doing so well at the box office too, how is the feeling right now to which she said, “It’s almost a surreal feeling to be very honest. I think we have been through so much and when I say so much, I don’t necessarily mean in terms of the episodes that happened in the last 2-3 months but even just as a film. Right from the casting of the film to the production of the film, it’s not easy for the kind of scale and the kind of impact that this film needed to create. Then of course the challenges and the roadblocks along the way. It kind of feels extremely surreal but at the same time the kind of love and the appreciation and of course the success of it, I always look at it in two parts. Success is what it does at the box office and the numbers. You want every film of yours to do well and in a lot ways that is today the definition of a successful film. It’s good to own that as well. But at the same time, the intangible things which are the love and appreciation but most importantly the blessings. I have had film releases before, I have had successful films before, I have had films in 200-300 crore clubs before, I have won awards before but it’s been very unique with this particular film. I feel that there are a lot of blessings that I have got with this film. I am not been able to entirely articulate the feeling but I feel like I am protected in a way. I am feeling a connection with people and I feel people are blessing me.”