Deepika Padukone's special moments from EMA

Deepika Padukone's special moments from EMA news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 09 Nov 2016 16:44:59.3270000 IST

Deepika Padukone has been slaying at European Music Awards (EMA) and even after it, she is making waves with her fashion statement.

Well, the actress shared some special moments from EMA and can you even guess what are they?

From an image of her make-up at the beginning of the night to an image of the Do Not Disturb sign outside her hotel room door to cap the night off, she showed fans images that were symbolic of the things that she was doing.

She shared it with her fans in the form of story on a photo sharing portal.

Deepika also presented an award at the event along with popular actress and XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE (her Hollywood debut) co-actress Nina Dobrev.