Deepika's not ashamed on World Mental Health Day

What a hectic life! In today's busy world one doesn't have time to focus on own health both mental and physical. This ultimately leads to depression causing an effect on our mental health. Generally, for everyone, it is very easy to just pinpoint and say that celebrities lead a very lavish and wealthy lifestyle. But wait, where does this all fame comes from? For them, there's no day and night, at the peak of the clock these artists need to slog to deliver a blockbuster film. And there have been many such situations where actors have gone under depression, some overcome it and some don't turn back on the big screen, while some even give up. 


As the world celebrates World Mental Health Day today, PADAMAAVAT queen Deepika Padukone took it to social media to share the incidents of depression and urged to overcome from the dilemma by treating it appropriately. Sharing her painful incident, Deepika said she had undergone a clinical depression in 2014 and in India 90% of people suffer from depression and don't seek help. With a hashtag #NotAshamed, the actress wants victims who had been in trauma to share their story on social media. Take a look and stay stress-free.