Dekh Bhai Dekh girl Natasha makes Bollywood debut

Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 15 Jan 2010 18:42:32.9970000 IST

Downlaod NATASHA SINGH Wallpapers

Downlaod NATASHA SINGH Wallpapers

Remember the bubbly, cute, happy-go-lucky girl Kirti (Natasha Singh) of, popular Hindi sitcom of its times, 'Dekh Bhai Dekh'. Well the girl, who then had become a household name & a popular face on TV, had sort of vanished after working in some of the top Telly soaps like 'Saat Phere', 'Milan', etc, for reasons cited personal... But now the pretty lady is back with a bang! And quite literally.

Well the petite actress instead of opting small screen as her comeback vehicle this time around has chosen big screen to bounce back in glamour world, with her latest film being MISSION 11TH JULY, loosely based on terrorism.

And Natasha is quite upbeat about her decision of stepping in Bollywood at this stage, even though she was inactive all this while, "For a long time I wanted to switch to films. To be very frank, I was highly saturated doing television. Infact after a certain time it was getting too monotonous for me. Also I wanted to explore my acting abilities. And MISSION 11TH JULY happened. I am highly thrilled about my role in this film. I'm sure this will prove my acting prowess."

Not only has she changed the lanes by embarking towards Bollywood, but also for the first time we see Natasha, who's best known for playing nonchalant, sweet & impish characters, portraying a sensitive, mature young lady in her debut film itself. Confirms Natasha, "Yes this is the first time I'll be seen doing a very serious, de-glam role, a simple girl who stands by right things and knows what she wants in life. She won't compromise on her principles"

So does that mean she is all set to break the immortal image of 'Kirti', which she earned and has been carrying for all these years? "No," quickly responds Natasha, "I would never want to break the 'Kirti' image but at the same time I can't confine myself only to one character, as I said I want to explore my acting talent to the hilt."

Having said that, what kind of roles & genres she is looking forward to work on? Is she planning to make a mark in any specific genre like most actresses do? With what kind of genres she wants to get tagged with? "Well I am open to everything that can satiate the desire of doing meaningful cinema. Still if you ask me I would like to do offbeat and comedy genre as well. I think I perfectly fit the bill for both.

Ask her about the actor with whom she is desperately seeking an opportunity to work and pat comes the reply, "Any day King of Bollywood, the one & only Shahrukh Khan," she further adds, "It's my long time dream to share screen space with him."