Denzel is back as the ruthless killing machine in THE EQUALIZER 2

Denzel Washington is back as Robert McCall in THE EQUALIZER 2 and the trailer shows that it’s not just business as usual this time, it’s personal.
The trailer opens with Denzel Washington walking inside a train and confronting a group of people and asking about kidnapping of a girl and then proceeds to annihilate and assassinate all of them in just over 10 seconds.
The stopwatch is back and all the action is time coordinated and swift, Denzel Washington brings back his calm and centered persona to the highly stylized and quick paced action flick.
The trailer shows that Robert McCall has retired again after the incidents that happened years ago where he had to save a girl from Russian gangsters and is leading a normal life working as a cab driver.
This time he has to come back out of retirement as one of his closest friend is assassinated and Robert McCall is out for revenge. The trailer also shows the character of Pedro Pascal and by the trailer it looks like he is a government agent and a friend of Robert.
The glimpses of action shows in the trailer are savory with the car scene shot looking perfect. Director Antoine Fuqua has shown his scene staging skills all throughout his career and might have just outdone himself with EQUALIZER 2.
Produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment, THE EQUALIZER 2 is scheduled to release on July 20th 2018.