Despite encashing on these factors, Salman Khan's TUBELIGHT fails to light up!

Despite encashing on these factors, Salman Khan's TUBELIGHT fails to light up! news
Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 26 Jun 2017 17:39:38.1900000 IST

Right from the time Salman Khan's career got a new lease of life with the film DABANGG that released during Eid, there was no looking back for him. The superstar made it a habit to release his movies on Eid thereafter and made smashing records at BO, surpassing his contemporaries. He ruled the roost in his own style and strategies.


But looks like his latest film TUBELIGHT directed by Kabir Khan is proving unfavourable for the star. The kind of records he made all the years is being broken by TUBELIGHT. Well, we hear TUBELIGHT is the least earning film of the actor in the first three days of the release since 2010. And it's not that the star didn't put his efforts behind the film, but instead on working on the content & characterization, TUBELIGHT team especially the star heavily relied and encashed on these following factors for the film to work. Salman had more 'Yakeen' in these factors than working on the film's content that will be served to the audience eventually. Unlike his character in the film, who can move mountains with his 'yakeen', Salman failed to make us, the viewers/consumers, believe in his product! Having said that let's see if the magic wand of Eid changes the fortunes of TUBELIGHT and it lights up at BO like his previous films.

Meanwhile, let's go through the points that Salman put his blind faith (yakeen) in and thought TUBELIGHT would add to his already studded cap by being another blockbuster. Perhaps, these can be good lessons for Salman for his future endeavours

Over promotions:Where films like BAAHUBALI 2 were hardly publicized & yet it was super successful on the basis of its strong content, TUBELIGHT sought for heavy duty promotions than making it an intense subject.

Shah Rukh Khan's cameo:The film industry is still in the myth of cameo funda to be working for the films. Since everyone loves Shah Rukh & Salman's bhaichara off screen, the makers easily thought of having a cameo of SRK for no rhyme & reason in the film. I mean anyone could have played magician in place of SRK.

Fans Hai toh Darna Kya: This has been one prime reason Bhai has been banking on for years. Giving critics & reviewers a damn, Bhai always relied on his fans' love. No doubt the fans also showered their love on their favourite star, but for how long can Salman piggyback on fans? After all fans are also viewers, who shell out hard-earned money for entertainment and watch the cinema which gives worth to their money.

Eid never backfired:Cashing in on the festive seasons has become a necessity for stars today, as they think they can easily rake moolah at BO by releasing films on a festival. Since Salman has always received positive response during Eid, it has become mandatory for his movies to arrive at that point of time. But does it really work? If the film doesn't have substantial meat, even Eid period cannot save it

Playing underdog simpleton character: Salman recently said that he loves underdog stories. But playing an underdog and simpleton character is always suitable? The answer is obviously no. Wasn't it hard to digest the fact that Salman stepped in the shoes of an 8-year old little boy in the Hindi remake of Hollywood film LITTLE BOY?

Past records of a filmmaker:One cannot always reply on a filmmaker's past laurels always. Even most intelligent & talented directors have bit the dust for their mistakes, so how is Kabir Khan an exception? He may have given blockbusters like EK THA TIGER and BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, but TUBELIGHT, like its name, seems to be lagging behind.