Dharmendra: I am still young

Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 22 Oct 2011 15:29:36.4130000 IST

Veteran actor Dharmendra cherishes the wonderful tags which people have attached to him. He loves being called as 'He-man', 'Macho man of bollywood' till date. Despite his age (75 years) he feels young and all energetic and thinks he can do what he used to in his younger times.


"People lovingly call me he-man and Macho-man of Bollywood till today. They have loved me in each and every role - romance, emotional, comedy, action. I never like to blow my own trumpet but it is proved that people have loved me for 50 years and are still fond of me. I am grateful to them. This is my strength. I still feel young because I think I still have that fire in my belly that caliber and capacity to do what I used to in my younger times," says the 75-year willing old actor.

Though the iconic actor, who's given his 50 years to the industry, who better knows the in and out of the industry, who has worked with topnotch filmmakers and who knows each and every aspect of filmmaking, still has that zing to give anyone a run for their money, he doesn't really intend to get into direction. He is contented being actor for lifetime than taking the onus of direction.

Says Dharmji, "No I don't want to be a director. I love acting. I was an actor and I want to be an actor my entire life...Being an actor I can join the director. See the director has so much knowledge and he has so many things to do. For acting you just have to go through the script and get into the character but direction means too many responsibilities, 24*7 involvement. I can't take that much load. I can definitely be a ghost director but taking the entire responsibility is a bit difficult."

Meanwhile Dharmendra is gearing up for his upcoming release TELL ME O KKHUDA directed and produced by wife Hema Malini, where he shares the screen space with his daughter Esha Deol for the first time.