Dharmendra: Ranveer Singh is a fine actor!

Dharmendra who has entertained us for years in all the genres possible from action, romance to some hard hitting roles. His iconic films include AYEE MILAN KI BELA, PHOOL AUR PATTHAR, MERA GAON MERA DESH, YAADON KI BAARAAT, RESHAM KI DORI, NAUKAR BIWI KA, SHOLAY and many many more. At the age of 80 too he is seen working with the same enthusiasm and with full passion and power.

Coined as the ‘action king’ and ‘he-man’, The evergreen and young at heart our very own Dharmendra is back again with a fun filled entertainer YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA: PHIR SE teaming up with his son Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol and actor Kriti Kharbanda which will hit the screens on 31st August 2018.

In conversation with Dharmendra as he spoke about how the industry has changed over the years, and at this age what keeps him going still!

Excerpts from the interview!


Do you miss your era of acting?


I miss my people. I miss my place and sometimes when I got to the studio I just think of all the artists I have worked with and have gone and it hurts a little. Our studios then looked like temples. Mohan Studios and Natraj studio. They were like a Gurukul. I remember the day when Bimal Da selected me for the film Bandini. I am attached to those thoughts and I am an emotional person. So I always remember those good old days!


How has the industry changed over the years?

One thing that has changed drastically is the reformation of and the way things are portrayed now, nowadays stars and actors are accessible from social media, you have to wait for hours to see them. At my time a woman would come and ask me to carry her son of her luggage to her house and we would happily oblige. That was so touching and you don’t get to see all that now.


Do you watch movies of this era?


I do watch movies of this era and they are very good. Ranveer Singh is a fine actor. The movie climax in which he carries the sword and walks I saluted him for his acting. I watched DANGAL in my farm and I cried during the scene where the elder daughter doesn’t disrespected her father. It's heart touching and the current generation is giving very good films.


Do you miss coming on screen now?


I was always and I am still in love with acting. It is not my profession. It is my beloved and I love it. My love for it keeps increasing and I never worked for the to be rich. Being rich is an addiction. Money comes and goes but love remains. Love is something that remains in our hearts forever.

PHOOL AUR PATTHAR which was a great hit, was that a turning point in your career?

Definitely it was a turning point. My self respect was so high that I left the film on the 3rd day. Because I was wasn’t getting the kind of respect that I expected and I was upset and went home and told my mother “Lets pack up and leave for Punjab”. But then I came back and things sorted out eventually.

You as an actor were accepted in all roles at your time?

You see I am blessed. I am romantic, naughty, witty and jolly. I have all the all the traits inside me and I am still very emotional. The emotions inside me adds beauty to everything. It's almight's blessing.

You are Shatrughan Sinha have been friends for years how was it sharing the screen space with him in YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA PHIR SE?

Oh! It was nice collaborating with him, I loved working with him, it was like Bharat Milap. Rekha looks gorgeous, Salman is a hard working and a very lovable boy.

What is the secret to your energy of doing films and promoting it too?

It goes like this. I have given a commitment to give a small starter before dinner. Its a small treat to all viewers before the release of the film.

Are you open to biopic on your life?

I am not in favor of doing a biopic on me.

Do you feel Box office pressure about the earnings of YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA PHIR SE?

Pressure is always there. My mother always said “I pray that a person’s son should not become an actor. You live with every film and die with every film. Be brave”. These were my mother’s words. Pressure is a part of the project. There is always a big investment involved. I would want all the films to do well.

What is your view on comedies?

Comedies is difficult. It is even more difficult than doing romantic roles. It has a timing. I and Mehmood gelled along well when it came to doing comedies. We worked together in many films and always had a perfect timing together and we had a good time together.

You were never offered much of comedies? Any reason!

I always accepted any role that was offered to me. I didn’t have a selected preference to anything. Comedies are fun and, look at PRATIGYA. I didn’t have a methodic acting style. I kept changing my style with every film and every role and people accepted me in all ways an I am happy about that.



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MEIN , RAFAT RAFTA, YPD PHIR SE, love you all for your loving response!!!

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MEIN , RAFAT RAFTA, YPD PHIR SE, love you all for your loving response!!!

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