Diana Hayden: Today's technological advances can overcome biological clock issues for women

Mansi Arora Bagla, Diana Hayden and Varun Bagla

Former Miss World Diana Hayden made India proud on world map when she was crowned Miss World in 1997. Post which she went on to do few films and a reality show, the infamous Bigg Boss as well.

Being a mother, a writer and a working woman she manages to give time to all.

In 2016, she gave birth to a girl. The child was born from an egg that Hayden had frozen 8 years ago. Intrigued by the possibilities, she had frozen 16 eggs between 2007 and 2008.

She embraced motherhood and gave birth in 40s. Currently Diana is associated with mini homes, an industrial project.

In an exclusive conversation with Diana Hayden she spoke in length about being a working mother to why she didn’t work on more films, and how she took motherhood at the age of 40.

Excerpts from the interview…

You made India proud globally but you did very few films. Any reason?
When I studied acting it was Shakespeare based theatre. I was never interested in doing mainstream cinema. The films I did were because I loved the story and character I played. I believe it’s very important to be true to yourself and what makes you tick.

What is your piece of advice to Miss World aspirants?
My first and foremost advice would be 'be yourself' but at the same time recognise your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Be comfortable in your skin. If there are traits of someone you really admire, feel free to adopt them; never lose sight of the bigger picture. And be grounded, humble in your achievements.

Congrats on being a mother again? How does it feel to manage both profession and personal life?
I do work where it doesn't take too much of my time or take me away from my family as my main focus right now is on raising my daughter Arya and keeping these twins in as long as I can so that they’re born healthy. I've never kept a nanny for Arya as I've always wanted to raise my child myself, and I can see the difference it makes, by the day. She's just turned 2 and is a very positive, smart, polite and confident child. She already has her basic etiquette in place. She'll say sorry if you mistakenly bump in to her and she'll thank you even if she's offering you something. As I'm now 7 months pregnant with twins I've slowed my pace down a fair bit more, especially with my travels.

A women has always been said and asked there is an age limit to bear a child, you have stood on your say and words what is your take on this?
Thanks to today's technological advances, issues of our biological clock and many medical ones too can be overcome. I thank God every night (and a few times during the day) for Arya. She is the most amazing, charming, happy child you have ever met. I am so blessed!

If ever you have been criticized over issues how do you as a person handle it?
If and when I think it warrants clarification, I explain myself, otherwise I just chalk it up to being their problem and get on with my life.

From being Miss World to mother what is that one thing that Diana still has in her?
Life, fire, zest. I am still very much the same person just more experienced and fulfilled in life.

What makes Diana happy and smile?
Nothing puts a smile on my face and a song in my heart faster than Arya’s smile, hug or kiss. She is my daily dose of happiness and I feel truly blessed!

Tell us about your association with Mini Homes
Mini Homes is a property investment advisory firm and an exclusive project marketing firm specialising in real estate. They've had their roots deeply embedded in the real estate market for over two decades now. The knowledge, experience and honesty that Varun Bagla brings to the table is, I feel, a key factor in any customer service set up, and to be most appreciated in the real estate world. Having witnessed, and as a client first-hand experienced, the transparency that Mini Homes comes with I’m confident they’ll go a long way.

How did you think of partnering with them as a brand ambassador.
When they approached me to be a brand ambassador and endorse Mini Homes, I had no second thoughts because their professionalism coupled with their other values of transparency and trust is what I absolutely connect with and appreciate. They have not just advised me on properties to consider buying, they also very smartly dissuaded me from buying properties that did not suit my requirements. I believe a company like Mini Homes with these kind of values is a boon to home buyers and property investors in India.