Did you know Aamir Khan acted as lead in this movie before Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak!!

Before becoming a sensation as the chocolate boy next door with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (QSQT), Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan acted in this cult movie which was shot before QSQT but was released after the superstar’s romantic breakthrough musical. Read to know more..

Our Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan has completed 30 years in the industry. Technically speaking, Aamir Khan has actually completed 45 years in the industry. He appeared as a child artiste in YAADON KI BAARAAT (1973), but we are not talking about that. Aamir went nostalgic yesterday and shared memories relating to his magnificent journey. A trip down memory lane brings us to a lesser known fact about Aamir Khan and this cult de noir classic RAAKH (1989) helmed by Aditya Bhattacharya son of the prolific Basu Bhattacharya.

RAAKH which won three National Film Awards – best supporting actor Pankaj Kapur, best editing A. Sreekar Prasad with Aamir Khan receiving special mention, is less talked about in the main stream annals but connoisseur of art and cinema hail RAAKH as a cult de noir that saw Aamir playing the role of a lone hit man - Amir Hussein who decides to avenge the rape of his girlfriend Neeta (Supriya Pathak).

Frustrated, possessed by impotent rage and a sense of injustice, Aamir in due course slips into a vortex of terrifying violence – a road to certain doom while Neeta unaware of the changes in Aamir's life, decides to put her past behind and begin afresh.

Imagine Aamir in that cute with chocolate looks as Raj in QSQT and this innocent, vulnerable young man with violent instincts who is nursing his anger in RAAKH. We all talk about the grand transformation of Aamir Khan as an actor who gets into the skin of his character with impeccable ease and normally give examples of his upcoming THUGS OF HINDOSTAN and the ones like SECRET SUPERSTAR, DANGAL, PK, LAGAAN and so on..

RAAKH is now called by experts as a significant chapter in presenting the dark world of the Mumbai underworld before RGV’s SATYA, is a testimony that it is from here that all that instincts to explore and tear various genres, characters began for Aamir Khan.

Unfortunately, RAAKH released in 1989 disappeared from the theatres very soon. RAAKH is a unique piece of art in Bollywood, it’s a rare marriage of Indian Hindi gangster films from the 70’s with foreign art house classics that raises a toast to that classic de noir tone. The déjà vu of recognized piece of arts like Alex Cox’s REPO MAN (1984) and the Japanese classic TOKYO DRIFTER is felt and it’s intoxicating.

What if RAAKH that was shot before QSQT got released before and found success?. It doesn’t matter for an actor like Aamir Khan for whom age and his number of years hardly matter. Aamir has completed 30 years in the industry as the protagonist and interestingly the perfectionist has already broken the mould of a cute hero in the very next year with RAAKH by playing the innocent, vulnerable ‘anti hero’ in this de noir crime thriller.

We wish you a very happy thirty Aamir, it has been three decades of entertainment and enlightenment for the world but for us you are a perfectionist since the beginning and numbers hardly matter in your case.

Raakh Movie Poster (Courtesy Pinterest)
Raakh Movie Poster (Courtesy Pinterest)
QSQT poster (courtesy The Quest)
QSQT poster (courtesy The Quest)