Did you know Aamir Khan’s first salary?

Aamir Khan has completed 30 years in Bollywood he broke all the rules to establish his stardom over the last 30 years but also remains a watchdog of the film industry. Although his films are riding high on success there was a time wherein he earned too less.

Well many don’t know he simply earned 11,000 as his first salary.

During media interaction Aamir spilled beans over various issues and said how he earned such limited amount of money and didn’t have car due to limited money as well as said how he was a miniority.

Aamir says, “After QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK though I had a successful film, did not have money to buy a car. I used to use public transport until I started getting mobbed by people who recognised me in public, I would earn Rs 1,000 per month for my first film, every month I was paid 1 k that’s how it became 11k.
On being quizzed about the changing sensibility of the Indian audience is that has taken place in few decades.

Aamir avers, “I do believe that the sensibility of the audience has been changing from last 30 years that I have been acting. I know that films like JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDAR if made today, would have been a massive hit (at the box office) because this is the kind of films that today's audience love. When I came to the film industry, I was a minority, a lone ranger. I was someone, doing films that I believed in, but the market, the host of other people did not believe in such films. Only a few of us did. I was constantly swimming against the tide. Now the time has changed. Now, these films are considered mainstream.”

Talking further about being a creative person Aamir said, “As a creative person, I want to do good work. And I want more and more people to like my work. When I am trying to do these two things, it automatically translates into my work as commercial cinema and critically acclaimed cinema.”

On work front Aamir will be seen in THUGS OF HINDOSTAN.

Aamir Khan  in THUGS OF HINDOTAN look
Aamir Khan in THUGS OF HINDOTAN look