Did you know Amit Sadh's hairdresser was paid more than him?

Did you know Amit Sadh's hairdresser was paid more than him? news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 11 May 2017 16:15:34.2200000 IST

Despite being part of a film like KAI PO CHE! and doing some good roles in TV shows and & other films, actor Amit Sadh is still struggling to make his mark. Despite being around for quite some time, he still strives hard to pay his rent.

In an exclusive conversation with Amit Sadh, he opened about his choice of films and why each film matters to him.

On being asked how much his failures affect him he said in a choked voice, “I don’t consider my films as flops. It’s a learning purpose for me by all means. I have been in a situation wherein I didn’t have money to pay my rent. I would ask my landlords to give me time, I swept the floors, did so much to earn money. I struggled hard. When I got KAI PO CHE! I could pay the rent, I remember hairdressers in the film KAI PO.. were paid more than me & I was paid less, but that didn’t bother me at all.”

He further went on, “When a film is released there are so many people involved. Their families get money, when I am paid I pay my house rent and my maid. If I am able to pay it I am sure that the film has done reasonably good. I would want every single film to do well.”

Talking about SARKAR 3 he said, “I am superbly happy with SARKAR 3. I would surely wish the film does well.”